Indospirit– BarShala PR Article


Binge on a budget - BarShala is here

Gather your gang and head for this bar you didn’t even know you needed.


Up for a budget drinking session? Looking for a local hangout that’s warm enough to welcome an impromptu plan yet cool enough to be just your kind of place? Look no more, for this neighbourhood bar boas=ng to be the “peene walon ka paradise" sure lives up to its game. The streets just got a liCle more interes=ng with this carnival for a place. The food menu is a wide assortment, the music is lively and upbeat and the drinks menu takes care of every kind of drink lover. Could you possibly need anything else for just the perfect chilled out evening; probably just a fantas=c genie to hang out with who mind you doubles the fun and goes by the name of Tunn Singh (need we say more..)? Told you, this is a bar you didn’t even know you needed in life.


BarShala is one place you need to be in, whether low on cash or high on spirits, it takes care of everything. This just might be an excellent replacement to your car-o-bars and corner hangouts, because you’ll find these safe and friendly bars just around the corner, in perhaps your very own locality! What’s more, drop your guard and be ready for a real good =me, because not just is the music exuberant, the ligh=ng takes care of the ambience to humour you. Along with the lip- smacking food, there’s this healthy ready to eat menu that is as much fun. Now that’s an appeal of a fulfilling bar but on your own terms.


One super fun feature offered by BarShala is this new co-working space called KARYASHALA. What’s even better than a good working environment? A fun working environment where not just is the ambience work-friendly but the happy hour kicks in right at your feet. With free wifi and a bargain offer of loaded amusement, this is a full package.


Quirky, welcoming and incredibly accessible, BarShala is sure winning hearts as the most preferred and loved hangout. With their concept of #PeeyoAurPeeneDo, this one of a kind chain of bars has opened new doors to responsible but enjoyable drinking. And the best part? It's for everybody. 

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