Indospirit– Bro Code Website 


A line for entering the website:

I solemnly swear that I’m of legal drinking age. 

Yes, though age is a mere number, I’m legit.


Options for No:

Until I come of age, let me take a side stroll. 

Not yet, let’s sidetrack till then.
How about something else till the time’s right.


The opening line for the parallel website:

Till you come of age, this one should serve you right,

with just what you need to know, nothing more, nothing less!


About the brand

The code you live by

It’s an impromptu dive in the lake or a last minute night out. It’s that long weekend you wish would never end, a drive where you sing at the top of your voices. It’s an unspoken vow, even greater than that. It’s greater than a connection and definitely greater than a

fall out; it’s a code you live by and which becomes your way of life.

It’s the unsaid charade drill that sets the evening just right, and the unbelievable ease that sweeps you through life. You’ve all got it going you know, just putting it up in words..and well in spirits with the drinks for you all!


The Mnemonic: Trihorn

One’s a little too less, two’s a bit of an awkward mess, three, however, makes a code, perfect.The wheel of time comes full circle, and once in a while, we dwell in the past.

Like the horns that the first man used to drink in, and the strength he drew from his fellows, the trihorn is a congruous form of this strength and unity and the strength in unity.

The trihorn combines not just the vessel with might but draws its influence from clanking horn glasses together and chugging them down. Not a care in the world, when your buddies are around! Symmetrically laid out and axially budging; it’s put, yet it’s in motion. Like your thick circle.


Product Page

Something for all bros

Crafted Brut, for the ones who keep up with the code. Bro code is the spirit of brotherhood, and that’s exactly what Crafted Bruts serve you. Any occasion, any reason, no occasion or simply no reason, chill with your bros with the perfect sidekick by your side. With varied ranges, choose the roast your bro deserves today, and pick the brut you want. 

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